For Immediate Release: January 8, 2018
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Rick Williams  |  615-305-7219

LASCASSAS, TENN. – Last week Shane Reeves fired off a negative attack against Joe Carr, and promised to forego accepting any per diem reimbursements if he is in the legislature. In response to the baseless attack, Joe Carr is calling upon Shane Reeves to reject the endorsement of former State Senator Jim Tracy, who received $29,887.46 in total per diem reimbursements in 2017 alone before resigning to accept an appointment from the Trump Administration.

“In calendar year 2017, then-State Senator Jim Tracy collected $29,887.46 in total per diem reimbursements while serving in the legislature,” Carr pointed out, “and over his career he has been reimbursed for expenses far in excess of $200,000 and which Shane Reeves claims to find so problematic.[1] As soon as Reeves announced his campaign, Jim Tracy jumped out with an endorsement for him. Shane Reeves needs to publicly disavow and reject that endorsement if he really believes that accepting reimbursement for such expenses, which are the basis of his attacks on me, so offensive.”

“While he is at it, I would expect that Reeves will be sharply criticizing State Representatives Pat Marsh and Rick Tillis, who received total per diem reimbursements of $21,017.52 and $26,880.16, respectively, in 2017. Will he reject their support for his campaign because they accepted the exact same per diem reimbursements that I did? If not, then he should explain his double-standard and hypocrisy in expressing outrage only when it fits his mudslinging political, “win at all costs” campaign,” Carr added.

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