For Immediate Release: January 10, 2018
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LASCASSAS, TENN.  – In response to a release from Shane Reeves today concerning the National Rifle Association (NRA) releasing grades for candidates in the 14th District State Senate primary election, Republican State Senate candidate Joe Carr issued the following statement:

“In yet another attempt to talk about anything other than the issues that actually have an impact on the lives of voters in the 14th District, Reeves is raising questions about a “?” score I received from the NRA in their candidate grading system. Having sent my response to the NRA over a week ago, the only real ‘question’ is why they chose not to include my response in their scoring system. Today I immediately attempted to resend the response and the NRA fax machine was not working; so I emailed a photo of my completed questionnaire. I am confident that the NRA will act quickly to record my response and report the results — which I expect to be an A score based upon my long and consistent record of support for the 2d Amendment in both words AND action.”

“The recognition of my strong support for the Second Amendment is apparent from the fact that the Tennessee Firearms Association (TFA) PAC has contributed $6000 to my State Senate campaign. I have long been a member of National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) and TFA, and am a lifetime member of the NRA. I sponsored legislation when I was in the State House to specifically protect the rights of Tennessee gun owners from federal interference.”

“I expect Shane Reeves to continue to sling mud, spew ridiculous personal attacks at me and avoid addressing the ISSUES in the time remaining in this primary campaign. I will continue to talk about real issues that will be my focus as State Senator: reducing taxes and regulations; securing our border and enforcing our immigration laws, blocking taxpayer subsidies and payments to illegal aliens, creating a business climate that produces more jobs and higher wages, and protecting our history and our heritage from those who would seek to erase it.”