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January 17, 2018
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LASCASSAS, TENN.  – The Tennessee Education Association (TEA), which funnels teachers’ union dues into the liberal political activities of the National Education Association (NEA), sent out a mailing this week endorsing Shane Reeves in the 14th District State Senate special election.  This is the same TEA/NEA that endorsed Hillary Clinton for President over Donald Trumpfunds Planned Parenthood abortion operationsand who’s leadership has declared that those who support the 2nd Amendment and the NRA are “going to hell”. “If the pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-Hillary Clinton TEA/NEA is for Shane Reeves, that should tell Republican voters in the 14th District everything they need to know to vote against him and his not-so-secret liberal agenda,” conservative Republican Joe Carr pointed out.

“Just last week, the NRA gave Shane a high rating based on his response to their questionnaire,” Carr noted, “maybe they should actually look at who is backing him as a better indication of where he stands on issues that matter to gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment.” 

“If Shane is the so-called ‘conservative’ he claims to be, and supporter of President Trump he poses as, then he needs to immediately reject and rebuke the endorsement of the liberal teachers’ union and return any funds they have given to him and his campaign,” Carr said. “I’m not sure what is more shameful, the fact that Shane has EARNED the endorsement of the liberal TEA/NEA or that he ACCEPTS it. Both speak loudly to who he is.”

“The TEA/NEA post card supporting Shane Reeves concedes that the Republican primary winner WILL be the State Senator, completely dismissing the prospects of the Democrat candidate and not so subtly encouraging Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. Faced with the option of having a REAL conservative State Senator, like Joe Carr, represent the 14th District or a State Senator who poses as a ‘conservative’ but is aligned with the Democrats, like Shane Reeves, the TEA/NEA backs the closest thing to a Democrat they can find and pushes their voters to vote for him in the Republican Primary.”