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Not all politicians are the same.

There are still a few that stand up for what is right…no matter the political or personal cost.

Joe Carr is such a man and he wants to be your next State Senator.

Joe Carr is the State Representative that used his many years as a small businessman to fight against the political establishment and elites to strike down the unfair Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Joe is the patriot that gave Tennessee the toughest illegal immigration laws and the nation’s first no-sanctuary city law.

When politicians and special interests wanted to go back on their campaign promises by betraying the people of Tennessee, Joe stood firm for the people of Tennessee.

When you need something done right, you choose someone not just with experience, but someone that believes in doing what is right.

Joe wants to be Tennessee’s 14th district State Senator because he believes in family, community, the rule of law and honoring God through both word and deed.

As a husband, father and grandfather, Joe believes in our sovereign right to defend ourselves, and that every American has the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…he always has and always will be pro-life.

How many times have you been disappointed when a politician said the right thing during the election and then went back on their word when they got in office? The only candidate in this race with a record of doing exactly what they said they would do is Joe Carr. As a State Legislator, Joe led and won the legislative battles for lower taxes, safer neighborhoods, more jobs and better schools. He will do the same for you.

As a State Representative, Joe has a proven track record of Standing Firm for his fellow
Tennesseans by writing, sponsoring and passing legislation such as:

  •  Illegal Immigration restrictions: some of the toughest in America. (Identity Theft to Create Fake ID’s HB302 Public Chapter 155, Tennessee Lawful Employment Act [E-Verify] HB1378 Public Chapter 436, Eligibility Verification for Entitlements Act HB1376Public Chapter 1061, Ricky Otts Act HB2466 Public Chapter 737, Illegal Alien Flight Risk Bond HB2678 Public Chapter 1011)
  • No Sanctuary City Law: Our nation’s first such law. (No Sanctuary City Law HB 302 Public Chapter 155)
  • Tennessee’s Captive Insurance Law: Creating thousands of Tennessee jobs. (Tennessee Captive Insurance Law HB69 Public Chapter 139)
  • Not allowing convicted Drug dealers to receive Welfare benefits. (No Welfare for Drug Offenses HB 149 Public Chapter 221)
  • Led the charge to eliminate the Tennessee’s Gift Tax (HB2840 Public Chapter 1085)
  • Led the charge to eliminate Tennessee’s Inheritance Tax (HB3760 Public Chapter 1057)

Experience Counts and Joe Carr is not the typical politician – never has been, never will be.

Early voting begins Friday, January 5th and ends on Saturday, January 20th.

Election Day is on Thursday, January 25th.

Vote Joe Carr as your next State Senator.

Carr for State Senate
PO Box 192
Lascassas, TN 37085


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